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about us

De’amat Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC is a
company established with an initial capital of
500,000.00 Birr aiming to invest professional capacity
and monetary assets on architecture, urban planning, engineering and consultancy business. The company has Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Deputy Executive Officer, Secretary & Marketing Officer in which all are appointed and controlled by board members.

The business focuses on the construction industry, in
which it is one of the largest economy in the urbanized part of Ethiopia. Concept, the beginning of all designs which is directly related to aesthetics, budget, planning, interests, technology, environment, etc and further more to technical and scientific calculations of structural design, safety, stability and economy.
Coming back to the basic needs of people both water and electricity (utilities) are also the critical and most important aspect of buildings. Our professionals, having all the courage to make a fully secured building services based on careful analysis, study and scientific predictions in security and surveillance camera system, electrical power demand, plumbing systems, drainage and storm water design. 

Ten years from now, De’amat Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC aspires to provide an affordable, consistent and durable real estate sister company.

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Our Work Process

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Initial Consultation

At De’amat Architecture, we believe in starting every project with a comprehensive initial consultation. This is where we sit down with our clients to understand their vision, requirements, and objectives for the project. We listen carefully to their ideas, preferences, and any specific challenges they may be facing. This consultation allows us to establish a strong foundation and ensures that we align our design approach with their goals and aspirations.


Concept Development & Design

Once we have a clear understanding of our client’s vision, we move on to the concept development and design phase. During this stage, our team of experienced architects and designers collaborates to transform ideas into tangible design concepts. We explore various design options, create preliminary sketches, and utilize advanced 3D modeling tools to visualize the proposed designs. We work closely with our clients, seeking their input and feedback, to refine and finalize the design concept that best reflects their vision and requirements.


Detailed Documentation and Construction

After the design concept is approved, we proceed to the detailed documentation and construction phase. Our team meticulously prepares comprehensive construction drawings, specifications, and documents that comply with local building codes and regulations. We work closely with contractors, engineers, and other professionals to ensure seamless coordination and smooth execution of the project. Throughout the construction process, we conduct regular site visits, monitor progress, and address any design-related issues that may arise, ensuring that the final built outcome reflects the envisioned design quality.